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7 Famous Aftermarket Exhaust Manufacturers

If you are wondering why anyone would want to replace a perfectly fine OEM exhaust, then this blog will help you. A better performing exhaust not only provides you with more power - but a nicer soundtrack for your ride too! Each aftermarket exhaust offers distinctive sound features, so choosing the one for you, is often down to a matter of personal preference. 

Below is a list of some of the most revered aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, however some of them may not pass on an MOT test and therefore is advised to check this out before proceeding. If you do decide to delve into the big wide world of exhaust replacement, you will need to bring the professionals in, so feel free to contact us at Bognor Tyres & Exhausts in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Aside from various tyre-related services, we also offer car exhaust repair and exhaust replacement using our professional tools and vast fitting experience.

The Best Exhaust Manufacturers:


Their company motto is “Quality. Power. Sound.”—and this is exactly what they provide their customers. Their exhausts are entirely made of stainless steel, which ensures a durable quality.  The exhausts provide sweet roars too, an outcome of years of testing and provide noticeable change in your cars performance too. If you still are not sure MagnaFlow is among the best, you should know that they give lifetime warranty for their exhausts.


Whether you need full performance exhaust systems, stainless steel, racing, exhaust tips and accessories or just regular mufflers, Flowmaster has it all. Their products cover a wide range of vehicles including regular, sports, muscle cars, pickup trucks, diesels, SUVs and the rest. Lastly, the sound they provide is distinctive and recognisable by car enthusiasts and they come in three different levels for angering the neighbours – mild, moderate and aggressive.


The company was founded by Fausto Lettieri and Enrico Ruini who used to design race exhausts, but have decided to switch to road cars. Being located in Maranello, Italy, they did not stray far from performance vehicles and share their famed location with Ferrari. Their exhausts are hand-made and used as OE units in many cars, while their sportier applications have been drawing in aftermarket fans for years.


Many people see Borla as the leader in performance-oriented stainless steel exhausts. They started off as an exhaust manufacturer for Ferrari and Rolls-Royce affirming their top-notch quality. Since then they have created exhausts for a range of other cars, becoming one of the most respected manufacturers in the business.


If you are after performance, efficiency and incredible emissions control, then Walker is for you. They offer mufflers and catalytic converters made of aluminium and they often imitate OEM sounds, providing an enjoyable ride at lower RPMs and a gurgle at higher numbers. Their most famous creation is probably the SoundFX Muffler, which incorporates advanced piping and tuning to ensure calm OE sounds, plus a highly improved flow. If you want performance, but loudness is not your goal, look no further than Walker.


Not only do they build exhausts, but they also provide extensive tuning packages for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Now, when someone tunes cars like these, you know quality of their products is extremely high. Speaking particularly of exhausts, they are made of Inconel, which is a Formula One-grade material that is extremely lightweight and has amazing heat dissipation features.


The Slovenian company started out as a builder of motorcycle exhausts. The company was founded by Slovenian motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovic, who in the 1990s realised that exhausts were lacking. Akrapovic exhausts were so superior to OEM ones that Akrapovic exhausts quickly entered into motorcycle racing and, in recent years to cars, as well as going all the way to Formula 1 race cars in 2007. The materials they use include carbon fibre and titanium that are put through a high-tech casting process to  create some of the most distinctive exhausts in the world. The level of their achievements has been recognized by the German Motorrad magazine, achieving them the Best Exhaust Pipe Manufacturer Award.

Skim through these, narrow the search according to your preferences and have your new exhaust installed by our experts at Bognor Tyres & Exhaust. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in contact through our website or Facebook or you can give us a ring on 01243 826827. 

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