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Car care tips for winter

A few weeks ago we shared our tyre care tips for winter. Now that the chilly weather is rapidly approaching we felt it was time to share our top tips for maintaining the rest of your car too…

Winter vehicle care you can do yourself:

  1. Your lights It’s important that they’re all working, and all aimed correctly (you don’t want to be that driver dazzling everyone else on the road)

  1. Antifreeze, yes this seems obvious but it’s also easily forgotten. If you’re not sure how to check yours visit our Bognor Regis garage and one of our technicians will be happy to help

  1. Heaters and windscreen wipers - don’t leave these to chance and get caught out. You can easily top up your wiper fluid or replace your wipers yourself. If your heating is on the blink it’s probably time to consult an expert

  1. Car battery, this blog from A&D Autos talks all about car batteries and how to keep yours working

Things you need us for:

  1. Have the brakes checked. Safety first, making sure your brakes are fully functioning is important all year round, but even more so when the roads are slippery.

  1. Book your car or van in for a service before winter truly sets in. We know this might eat into your Christmas spending money, but cold weather can magnify existing vehicle problems and create endless hassle.

If you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you. Stay on top of regular vehicle checks and servicing to save you the hassle of an unreliable vehicle this winter. If you’re in need of a full service, repair, or just want some advice we’re here when you need us…

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