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Change Your Tyres For Summer

You have probably heard that there is a difference between winter and summer tyres, but is it really necessary to own at least two sets?

Bognor Tyre and Exhaust have been expertly fitting tyres in West Sussex since 2002.   Read on to learn why it is important to change your tyres with the seasons, to ensure your car of the best driving performance.

Summer and winter tyres - what’s the difference?

The main differences lie within the materials and treads used to make winter and summer tyres. These differences make certain tyres more appropriate for hot or cold temperatures, dry, wet or snowy road conditions and they are as important for safety, as they are for performance.


Temperatures above seven degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit are completely safe for summer tyres. Winter tyres wear far quicker in scorching summer temperatures, whilst summer tyres stiffen in cold temperatures, so if you are still packing your winter tyres in July, you best invest in a set of the summer tyres quickly!

Driving style

If you are driving with more force, summer tyres provide far better grip and more traction than winter tyres in warm or hot conditions. Similarly, summer tyres wear noticeably slower on hot roads than winter tyres.

Advanced technologies

Recent years have seen incredible advancements in tyre technologies. When it comes to summer tyres, the biggest challenges lie with improving fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance, improving traction in order to provide better handling and ensuring top performance during hot and dry weather.

Goodyear have developed a number of new technologies that can be found in their summer tyres. These include Active Braking Technology that helps to reduce braking distance in wet and dry weather; Racing Derived Construction, 3D Bubble Blade Interlocking System  and  Dry Zones which all improve handling and precision and lastly a Race-Inspired Ultra High Performance Tread Compound that ensures top dry weather traction.

And this is only Goodyear. Other tyre manufacturers we use now offer similar smart technologies within their tyres as well.

Make sure you use our Bognor tyre fitting expertise to your advantage, to keep your car efficient and safe during summer months.

Give us a call on 01243 826827 or send us an email for answers to any questions you might have, about fitting your car with new summer tyres.


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