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Essential tips for maintaining your tyres and make them last longer

Tyres are essential to your safety when you’re out on the road… To ensure your tyres are doing what they should here are our top tips for making them last longer.

Tyre care:

  • Select the right tyres for all your vehicle - The wrong or irregular tyres are a disaster waiting to happen, creating uneven wear and safety issues. Certain vehicles require different tyre sizes for the front and the back wheels, so consult an expert if you’re unsure on the right type and size of tyre for your vehicle.

  • Maintain tyre pressure - Check your tyre pressure once a month to avoid uneven wear on the tyres and ensure optimum vehicle performance. If you’re not sure of the right pressure consult your vehicle handbook.

  • Keep your wheels aligned - Wheel alignment plays a big part in preventing premature tyre wear and vehicle wear (such as wear on bearings and suspension). To make sure your wheels are correctly aligned book yourself in for a complimentary wheel alignment check at our Bognor Regis garage.

  • Make sure any new tyres are fitted properly- If the time comes to change a tyre It’s ok to get a professional to help you. Ensuring your tyres are fitted correctly will maintain full safety standards for your service… So it’s worth doing it properly.

When driving:

  • Drive smoothly - Your driving style will greatly impact how your tyres wear. Smooth gear changes, gentle braking, acceleration and cornering will all help avoid unnecessary wear to your tyres.

  • Be aware of the road surface and your surroundings - Nothing wreaks havoc on your tyres like an unexpected pothole or kerb. Be careful when driving and try to steer clear of them.

When you do get round to needing new tyres we’re here when you need us…
If you’re having trouble with your tyres, or suspect that your wheels are incorrectly aligned don’t hesitate to visit our Bognor Regis garage. Our friendly mechanics will gladly help you out.

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