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How tyres impact the rest of your vehicle

Tyres are an important part of your vehicle, and you want to make sure they’re doing their job properly. 

Think about it… Your tyres are the only contact your car or van will have with the road. Failing to look after your tyres can create the following problems...

Reduced control
Worn or wrongly inflated tyres just won’t grip as they should, and can be detrimental to your safety. In wet weather under-inflation of tyres will reduce the area of the tyre in contact with the road, increasing the chance of aquaplaning. Additionally, tread depth will impact handling, affecting the speed and safety of cornering. Avoid any disasters by making sure your tyres are well maintained and keeping you safe.

Increased stopping distance
Worn tyres mean increased braking distance. In the autumn and winter months roads are extra slippery and amplify this issue. If your tyres aren’t in a fit state to bring your vehicle to a standstill you could be putting yours and others lives at risk. If you live in a rural area where roads get very wet or icy consider investing in winter tyres for extra safety.

Points on your license
Illegal tyres means points on your license. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications (and that you take into account the load being carried).

For more information on this visit the vehicle maintenance page.

Unsure about your tyres?
You can easily check your own tread depth and tyre pressures, but we know not everyone is confident in doing this. 
Your safety is important, which is why we offer a free tyre health check for anyone who requires a helping hand. Equally, if you know it’s time for a new tyre we’re happy to fit you one asap, just contact us.

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