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Maintaining the tyres on your campervan or motorhome

All too often the importance of tyre maintenance on campervans and motorhomes are overlooked, but they play an essential part in road safety. To help keep you and your family safe when you’re out on the road we’ve put together our guide for maintaining your motorhome tyres.

Don’t expect that they wont wear
Your motorhome is only used a few times a year, but chances are you drive it for much longer distances than you would drive your usual car. Just like any other vehicle campervan tyres can become damaged, and are subject to ageing and deterioration.

Carry out the usual tyre checks
Just like your car tyres, motorhome tyres require the same tyre safety checks.

  • Your tyre tread depth should be 1.6mm across 3/4 of the tyre’s surface - the less tread you have, the less grip you motorhome will have, which will affect the control you have of the vehicle.

  • Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure for proper performance. Too little air can put extra pressure on the tyre sidewalls causing heat to build up and may cause a tyre blowout. Too much pressure can cause a blowout when the tyre hits a bump, kerb or pothole in the road.

  • Check for signs of ageing - Even with plenty of tread the rubber of your motorhome’s tyres can begin to perish leaving cracks and weak spots, leaving you more vulnerable to a burst tyre.

If you’re not sure whether your motorhome or campervan needs new tyres feel free to visit our Bognor Regis garage. We’ll happily take a look and advise you on the steps needed for optimum safety on your motorhome adventure. If your tyres are in great shape but the rest of your motorhome needs some TLC have a read of this week's blog from A&D Autos all about keeping your campervan happy.

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