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The ultimate tyre guide

Tyres are not only essential for road safety, they also play a big part in vehicle performance. Selecting the best tyres for your vehicle can make the world of difference to your driving experience. To give you a helping hand we’ve put together this ultimate tyre guide to help you select the best possible tyres for your vehicle.

Tyre ratings
Tyre energy labels have been mandatory on all new tyres since November 2012, and are very useful for distinguishing which tyres are the best in general, and for your individual vehicle requirements. Tyres are graded based on three components, these are:

Fuel efficiency: A measure of the tyre’s rolling resistance. The lower the resistance the better the fuel economy, helping improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as a whole.

Wet grip: This label ensures tyre manufacturers don’t compromise tyre grip in order to rate highly when it comes to fuel efficiency. This rating is based on wet braking in a straight line. Industry experts have even estimated that using grade A tyres over grade G tyres can result in a 30% shorter stopping distance.

Noise: As well as affecting the amount of road noise experienced by the driver, tyres with a lower noise rating also cause lower environmental concern from exterior noise levels. The noise of the tyres are measured in decibels (db), and must be compliant with the EU maximum noise level.

For more information on tyre labelling view the HiQ video below: 

Tyre brands

Whether you’ve already got a truly magnificent vehicle, or you’re building your supercar from the ground up you can’t go wrong with high quality, leading brand tyres. This independent survey from lists the UK’s top tyre makers, one of which is Goodyear, our high-end tyre brand of choice. However, if you do have a preference for other tyre brands we’re more than happy to source them for you.

You don’t have to miss out on high quality just because you’re on a budget. Want an alternative, just ask. Some of the leading manufacturers of tyres have mid-range and budget tyre ranges too. We’ll always help you find the best deal, and as a HiQ centre we even supply SAVA tyres which come with an accidental tyre damage warranty.

Tyre types

As well as understanding tyre brands and markings you need to know the right tyres for you. In our previous blog on finding the right tyres for optimum vehicle performance we covered the importance of usage requirements, tyre markings and knowing your tyre budget.

Need help selecting the right tyres?
At Bognor Tyres we’re always happy to share our tyre expertise, helping you find the best tyres to suit your specifications. Whether you know exactly which tyres you’re after, or need some helpful guidance and impartial advice just give our Bognor Regis garage a call on 01243 826827 or send us an email us.

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