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Things you need to keep in your car this winter

1) A spare phone or charger
Nowadays a mobile phone is one of the most important components when it comes to handling a vehicle breakdown. Whether you want to keep an old fully charged handset in the glovebox, or carry a portable charger with you it’s always a good idea to have a backup should your phone run out of juice.

2) Something warm and cosy
An emergency blanket, wooly jumper, hat, scarf or gloves will all make a big different if you’re stuck at the side of the road. They’ll save you running the engine which can unnecessarily burn fuel, and cause toxic exhaust fumes to make their way into your car.

3) High-visibility vest and warning triangle
The purpose of these two are pretty obvious. If your car has broken down it’s always safer when both you and your vehicle can be seen.

4) Jump leads
Flat car batteries are one of the biggest causes of winter vehicle disasters. If you’ve read A&D Autos blog on car batteries you might not need them, but they also allow you to help other drivers out of a sticky situation. 

5) A torch
A battery powered or wind-up torch is always a good idea, either to alert other drivers that your car is on the side of the road or to help you with visibility should you need to take a look under the bonnet.

5) De-icer and scraper
Now this one isn’t necessarily just for emergencies. Whether you’re out late and ice forms on your windscreen, or you’re rushed on the way to work it’s much easier to have these items to hand. 

6) Snacks 
Now we are in Sussex, so the chances of you getting stuck in a snow drift long enough to need food is rather unlikely. However, if you have a breakdown and you’ve got hungry kids or teenagers in the car you’re going to wish you didn’t eat that chocolate bar on the way home from work. Keep your car well stocked to save you any extra hassle in an emergency. 

Prevention is much better than cure 
Although these items will all help you out should your car break down it’s a much better idea to avoid breakdowns altogether. If your car has any suspicious symptoms or is simply overdue a service make sure you get it looked at.

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