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Tyre care tips for winter

Tyre maintenance is important all year round, but being able to grip the road properly becomes even more crucial in the autumn and winter months. Here are some things you should consider to keep you, and your tyres safe in the winter.

The condition of your tyres
All drivers should carry our regular tyre checks to ensure maximum safety. In the winter the tread depth should be above the legal minimum, and tyre pressures should be checked weekly, or before long journeys.

Tyre quality
The quality of your tyres will greatly impact how your car performs on wintery roads. Cheap or budget tyres often have a less grip than premium brand tyres. This will increase the stopping distance, and can make your vehicle much harder to control. For guidance on the best tyres within your price range give us a call.

Winter tyres
The UK lags behind other European countries in the uptake for winter tyres. The common misconception is that these are just for snow and ice, but they’ll help improve grip as soon as the temperature falls below 7℃. The rubber they are made from is better adapted to the cold weather, and the tread pattern helps shift water quickly and avoid aquaplaning. This reduces your stopping distance and makes your car easier to control.

Put your safety first
If you know your tyres aren’t up to scratch get them changed as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to invest in winter tyres, or icy conditions sneak up on you, drive carefully. Avoid winding back roads. Although they may seem the quickest route to your destination it’s much better you arrive in one piece.

Want a free tyre check?
Visit our Bognor Regis garage and we’ll make sure your tyres are safe. If you know it’s time for new ones but are struggling to decide on the best tyres for you we’re happy to help. We offer impartial advice on the best tyres for your vehicle type, usage and budget. Just give us a call.

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