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Tyre survival guide

With the harsh road conditions of Sussex how are your tyres to survive? They may seem relatively hardy, but they’re also the only contact your vehicle has with the road. We’ve put together a helpful tyre survival guide to help you stay safe by keeping your tyres at their best.

The dreaded pothole
Did you know that potholes have the power to not only to damage your tyres beyond repair, but to cause issues with wheel alignment, axles and even suspension failure too? In fact, as many as 1/10 mechanical failures on UK roads occur due to potholes, costing motorists an estimated £730 million a year (figures from Even the most harmless seeming potholes will increase the rate your tyres wear.

The initial impact of hitting a pothole can cause buckled wheels, splits or bulges, and potentially knock out the tracking and wheel balance. Whenever possible, avoid potholes (but never at the expense of other road users safety). If you do have to drive over a pothole do so with care -  slow down but avoid harsh braking, allowing your wheel to roll freely into the hole.

Beware of unexpected potholes hiding under puddles. If you do have an encounter that requires you to inspect your car or retrieve a stray hubcap make sure you stop somewhere safe. Even if your vehicle looks unscathed don’t hesitate to take it to an expert to check that the tracking, wheel alignment and suspension is as it should be. Because we hate potholes as much as you do we offer free wheel alignment checks (book yours here).

Important tyre checks
Tyre safety checks are something we’re very passionate about, which is why we’ve already written a blog post about it (read it here). Although this blog post covers the basic checks (tread, pressure, damage) there are a few other things you should check when it comes to your tyres. 

Firstly, are the tyres right for your vehicle? Make sure you check the vehicle handbook to find out the right size tyre for your vehicle. Bought your car second hand? Be extra vigilant if you haven’t checked/replaced your tyres yet… You don’t want any long-lasting damage done to your car. Unsure of what tyre you need? We’re happy to advise you on the optimum type for your vehicle and check that that the correct tyre is fitted.

Are the right tyres in the right place? Certain car models have different size tyres on the front and back axle. However, the tyres on the same axle should always be the same size. If in doubt of the right size check your vehicle handbook.

Are all the parts in good condition? Sometimes parts like wheel nuts can corrode or loosen over time. By checking these when you carry out your tyre safety checks it allows you to identify whether they need replacing before disaster strikes.

We’re here when you need us
When it comes to tyre safety the most important component is pro-actively checking for damage, both regularly and after encountering a pothole. If your car isn’t quite driving as it should, or you’re unsure of how to deal with a problem the technicians at our Bognor Regis garage are happy to take a look at it.

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